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Sep 25, 2013 - FIDM Museum and Galleries

Seasons change year in and year out - and if you are one who is always up to date with the latest fashion, you would definitely love this trip to the FIDM Museum and Galleries in a Los Angeles charter bus. Better yet, if you have friends who share the same passion for fashion like yourself, it would be an excellent idea to invite them to join for this trip. After all, why go alone when you can share the joy of such a trip with friends or even family members?

The FIDM Museum and Galleries is said to be one of the hidden gems in Los Angeles that is rarely written about in guidebooks, so much so, that many locals may not even know about it too, but many who have been here find it a place that is really worth a visit. In fact, they say that if you are from out of town, this is a great place to visit when you plan your itinerary for your visit to Los Angeles. With the service of the charter bus, there is no way that you would get lost trying to find this place. You and your friends would be able to arrive at your destination in comfort and hassle free.

This year, from July 30th right up to October 19th, the FIDM is featuring actual costumes that were worn in many television programs, especially those that have been nominated for “Best Costume Design” for the Emmys. You and your friends can expect to see costumes from shows like Games of Thrones, House of Cards, Downtown Abbey as well as the winner of this year’s Emmy for the “Best Costume Design” – Behind the Candelabra. This would certainly be a trip not to be missed – you will never regret making this trip here with your friends in the Los Angeles charter bus. Where else can you go to get an up close view of actual of such costumes? The FIDM Museum and Galleries are open to public viewing on Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 10am until 5pm and they are closed on Sundays, Mondays and major holidays, and there is no admission to the museum too. If you and your friends want to bring home something to remember by from this trip, right next to the museum is the FIDM clothes shop where you will find many funky clothing and jewelry that are for sale – and they are not too pricey too.


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