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Come get to know smaller LA towns and quaint neighborhoods like San Vicente of Brentwood Los Angeles with a charter bus

Getting To Know Brentwood Los Angeles

May 7, 2014

Of course, when we get talking about Los Angeles, it is almost always about Hollywood and Beverly Hills. These communities have been featured countless times in shows, films and TV series enough for us to know what they are all about without having to step a foot into Los Angeles. However, let’s give a little bit of the spotlight to less-mentioned neighborhoods like Brentwood Los Angeles and in particular, the upscale but low key community of San Vicente located slightly West of Los Angeles.

The small but friendly community in Brentwood, San Vicente has everything that a tourist is asking for, from shopping destinations to cafes, from restaurants to wine bars.

San Vicente Boulevard

The best way to get to know the locals is to visit one of their markets and here in San Vicente Boulevard, we have a top quality Farmer’s Market where the freshest ingredients are bought. Seasonal fruits, vegetables and fresh produce can be found along the stretch of market from Gretna Green Way, which is closed off the vehicle traffic every Sunday morning.

You will also find yourself taking your pick of baked goods like bread, buns, cakes and fresh coffee, gourmet food and handmade arts and crafts. The handmade arts and crafts can be used as souvenirs for your family and friends back home. Buying from the farmer’s market is the locals’ way to supporting their own people as it has been certified by Department of Agriculture of California.

Twice a Year Free Art Show Along Brentwood San Vicente Boulevard

Admission to the art show is completely free of charge and it happens once during spring and another time during fall. The venue is between Saltair to Darlington. For the specifics, the organizers can give you the detailed information when you give them a call at (626) 797-6803.

The art shows feature some of the city’s best in arts, crafts, food and entertainment. Basically, it is a great way to get best buys and seasonal promotions as well as support the sustainability of local small businesses.

Places to get your coffee fix and satisfy your sweet tooth

Along the way you might find yourself craving for a sugar and coffee fix, then it is time to head over to Compartes Chocolatier along Barrington Ave., or Pinkberry along Gorham Ave or Peet’s Coffee and Tea at San Vicente Boulevard.

At the point of writing this, there are a total of 7 clothing outlets for you to explore and they are Feature, Uniquities Couture, Sara, Pumpkinheads, Un Deux Trois, Brentwood Dance and Activewear and Frontrunners Brentwood. They are all located within San Vicente Boulevard.

If you are looking for spa treatment, head over to Brentwood Beauty Supply and Salon, Century Nails and Spa, Unity Studio or Great Earth VItamins.

As you can see, there is always something for everyone and we are sure you are going to a great time being pampered, served and shopping to your heart’s delight when in San Vicente with your Los Angeles charter bus.

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