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Oct 2, 2012, - Hollywood Walk of Fame

Ever wanted to walk all over your favorite stars? Now’s your chance – all you need to do is visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bus Charters Los Angeles finds out more. Warning, to attempt to visit each and every star on this famous landmark may either leave you extremely fit or fatigued.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is simply a sidewalk 18 blocks long. Of these, three is located on Vine Street in Hollywood while the rest is on Hollywood Boulevard. Maintained by the Hollywood Historic Trust, it is also an extremely popular tourist destination with 10 million reported in 2003.

The type of stars (pun intended) that are honored comes from the entertainment industry – actors, directors, producers, musicians, fictional characters, musical and theatrical groups and more. Each of these categories is represented by their own emblem.

Here are some interesting bits: Muhammad Ali is the only recipient to not have a star set on the sidewalk because he didn’t want people to walk all over him. It is instead displayed on a wall at the Dolby Theater.

The most common surname on the Walk is Williams – Andy Williams, Billy Dee Williams, Earle Williams, Vanessa Williams and more. There are also those with multiple stars to their name – Bob Hope, Mickey Rooney, Tony Martin, Michael Jackson, The Beatles (John, Paul Ringo and George also have their own individual stars), including Big Bird and Kermit the Frog. We kid you not.

But they are not the only fictional characters included on the Walk. There are also stars for Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Winnie the Pooh, Shrek and many more.

Our advice to anyone who’d like to attempt the Walk is to wear comfortable shoes…and let Bus Charters Los Angeles know where you’d like to be picked up for your return journey after that.