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Nov 12, 2013 - The Original Farmers Market of Los Angeles

There is a very good reason why people have decided to put the word ‘original’ into the description of this amazingly vibrant Farmers Market - it is the first one in Los Angeles.

The Original Farmers Market consists of two parts - an outdoor eating and shopping arena and a small open-air mall. In our personal opinions, both parts completes each other off very nicely. In fact, you can imagine spending more than half a day eating, drinking and then doing some extensive shopping at this wonderful bus charters Los Angeles attraction.

This original Farmers Market was created during the era of depression when farmers were desperate to find a place where they can collectively sell their products. From there, it evolved slowly into a large open air market and eating outlet because people who often make their way there in their bus charters Los Angeles shuttle bus or party bus will find themselves wanting to relax for a bit in between shopping. A little later, merchants and retailers slowly came up with the open air mall and it was well accepted as part of the original farmers market.

If you can’t find it, the exact location is 6333, W 3rd St at Fairfax Ave. Otherwise, the Los Angeles bus charter driver might know the location of CBS Television City. The market is right next to the television studio.

Farmers, sadly, no longer bring their products to sell at this massive Los Angeles charter bus tourist attraction and instead, it is a gem because here, you can find some of the best food in town. Without hefty price tags. The best activity to do at The Original Farmers Market is people-watching.

Pick a cafe or diner of your preferred choice, order up a cup of coffee and a sandwich, sit down, relax and watch people go about their daily activity. It will give you a better perspective about what the locals do on an everyday basis.

What makes this place a gem is that it is devoid of all the bus charters Los Angeles tourist traps that foreign tourists are sometimes caught up with. This is what a real street life of Los Angeles. No fanfare, no puffed up advertising and promotion...just life at a local LA pace. The organizers also made the right decision when they decided to keep the concept closer to a flea market than an expensive mall. When large brand names wanted to set up stalls at the market, they were given the red light.

What you can’t find at Farmers Market, you can find it at adjoining The Grove, the mid-scale open-air mall.


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