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Nov 8, 2012 - Vegan restaurant, seafood and great wine

Los Angeles may be a land for everything fancy and magical, but in our experience, we know that some people actually make their way to Los Angeles because of a very different reason. The people of Los Angeles are actually very passionate about going green and keeping things real and simple. Sometimes, there is only so much drama and fanfare you can take in life, so, in a way of escaping what many metropolitan cities have to offer, they take a charter bus, tour bus or party bus and head over to LA to slow things down a little.

There are many different restaurants in Los Angeles that serves really good food but if you want to go Vegan like some charter bus rental tourists, that can be a bit of a challenge. Real Food Daily, which is located on Sana Monica Blvd is a famous restaurant that serves real, 100% organic vegetarian good food. Some bus charter rental tourists who are conscious about their health, diet or the environment have nothing but praises for the cooks and chefs at this establishment. It was specified that most of the vegetables, fruits and ingredients used in their dishes are mostly organic, there is a disclaimer that (because they source from local farms) some of the ingredients may come from non-organic farms and suppliers.

If what you are looking for is a good restaurant, an extensive menu, jaw-dropping view while eating, then The Lobster might be just the restaurant for you! Nothing beats the panoramic view of the ocean where much of the ingredients are sourced from, since the restaurant is strategically located on Ocean Ave. The restaurant has been raking in more and more great reviews from local and foreign bus charter travelers, fans, followers and critics alike. Working around serving seafood dishes is a little harder than other cuisine because the freshness of the ingredients will more often than not, come under scrutiny. This restaurant, for sure, makes the cut.

And if you can't find a good place to end the eating outing, then head over to Library Alehouse on Main Street which is a famous, favorite, upscale gastropub with a wide selection of different beer and wine. Party on with peace of mind when you are using a party bus, charter bus, or coach charter and leave no one out of the party.