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Bus Charters Los Angeles is proud to be a part of a nationwide charter bus company, American Coachways. With decades of experience in dealing with charter bus booking and rental services all over the country, Bus Charters Los Angeles, today, is confident about using a trusted and reliable system that helps our LA charter bus customers find suitable charter bus, party bus, mini bus, school bus and other types of exotic and luxury vehicles for their events, gatherings, celebrations, parties, corporate functions, weddings, birthdays, exhibitions, conferences, etc.

With that confidence comes the ability to find charter bus companies, owners, operators, dispatchers, agents and drivers who are reliable. Vehicles undergo regular maintenance programs and adhere to safety guidelines provided by all relevant authorities. The safety of the passengers sits at the top of our list of priorities.

Budget-friendly bus charter rental packages and services for all types of events

Get top quality, modern and comfortable vehicles at an affordable pricing, always

Bus Charters Los Angeles work with a wide network of providers and together with that comes access to a wide number and types of vehicles and buses. With our close relationship with our network, negotiating for best pricing is a kind of service we provide our clients too. Customers who choose to work together with Bus Charters Los Angeles saves not only money but also time.

Customers saves time because Bus Charters Los Angeles will go through our system and will easily pick out and help our customers decide on a suitable bus on the spot. We eliminate the need to do an intensive quote scouting and comparing process for our customers.

Get personal attention from our experienced account executives

We know making a decision about which charter bus to go with can be stressful for beginners. Even experienced event organizers and wedding planners have problems deciding on the bus they want.

This is where our experienced account executives come in. We pride ourselves in being able to put together events, small and large alike, in a short period of time because of the ready resources we have at our disposal. For our customers, this works to their advantage.

For large events requiring extensive monitoring, our dispatchers and staff will be placed at the scene of the event, pick-ip and drop-off areas in order to assist our customers. If this service is required for your event, please be sure to clearly indicate this preference and need when booking a charter bus with us.

Discovering the many different sides of Los Angeles

Our writers help our customers find new places, attractions, restaurants, malls, retail outlets, parks and points of interest

Los Angeles is a bustling city bursting with exciting sights and sounds. For someone who have never been to or experienced LA, especially during events and festivals, this can be overwhelming. We hope to help our customers, followers, friends and loyal fans discover new things as we share them through our website and online social networking accounts.

Things to do in Los Angeles

  • The Getty Center - If you are an art or history enthusiast, then visiting The Getty Center is going to be a field day. It is the envy of many different museums around the world. The exhibits cover a sweeping coverage of impressive works of art from different times to present day’s modern art. Exhibits include works from Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh and Gainsborough.
  • The Los Angeles Conservancy program and tour - Visitors can be dropped off at the location and take a walking tour around some of downtown Los Angeles’ most astonishing historic theaters and art deco centers. There are tours being arranged every week and is a part of a fuel-efficient walking tour program.
  • Topanga State Park - In the nutshell, Topanga State Park is a 9,000 acre haven for nature lovers. It is a great place to bring the kids outdoors for a hike or spend some time exploring one of the country’s most natural hiking trails. The terrain and difficulty level varies from point to point but the view at the end of it is worth every step of the climb. There is approximately 36 miles of hiking trail which will take even experienced climbers and hikers a couple of hours to complete. One word of advice - take your time and enjoy the amazing view.
  • Santa Monica Bay - Considered one of west coasts most scenic coastline with 22 different beaches, there are lots of recreational activities visitors can participate in when they are there. Thanks to amazing weather all year round, this is a popular tourist attraction for foreign visitors, local weekend holiday-goers and students alike.
  • The original Farmer's Market - There is a very good reason why people have decided to put the word ‘original’ into the description of this amazingly vibrant Farmers Market - it is the first one in Los Angeles.

Latest news from our travel writers

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Trying to find out an approximate cost of renting a charter bus in Los Angeles?

You are in the right place. Bus Charters Los Angeles have the experience and database to help our customers zoom in on the charter bus that they want and need for their events and tours, long and short distance alike. Our customer service can also provide you with a quick quote for airport transfer, school trip field trip ground transportation, prom limousine, wedding limousines, party buses and large coaches for promotional events.

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